Ella es Sanna Marin, la primera ministra más joven de Finlandia y de todo el mundo, 34 años - Tres Ubres Dobles


My partner's kids got Kinder Surprise Eggs in their Santa stockings. I swapped out the toy for a duck heart & liver. They were horrified when they saw it – opened up an amazing discussion about the ethics of meat consumption. #Vegan #MerryChristmas pic.twitter.com/9wRdY7Kbsx — Progressive Dad Foundation (@RIPProgDadTV) December 25, 2018

Wait 4 Darwin…

View this post on Instagram Cruising 💨 or so I thought… ☠️ Gotta play it safe in the future ⛑️ @slicks_skates @insta360 A post shared by Jack Tierney (@jackktierney) on Dec 9, 2019 at 1:54am PST