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Guerra fría

Una hilera de termitas (arriba) y una de hormigas (abajo), ambas protegidas por una fila de sus propios soldados. Hive mind. Group brain. Distributed mind. A trail of termites (top) and a trail of ants (bottom), protected by a row of their soldiers in a "Cold War" stand-off, without fighting. (Courtesy of Mehdi Moussaïd) pic.twitter.com/NNTNYhTy9r […]

Wait 4 Darwin…

View this post on Instagram Cruising 💨 or so I thought… ☠️ Gotta play it safe in the future ⛑️ @slicks_skates @insta360 A post shared by Jack Tierney (@jackktierney) on Dec 9, 2019 at 1:54am PST